Levees.org featured on MSNBC with Chris Matthews

Sandy Rosenthal was a guest of Chris Matthews on MSNBC today. This invitation was precipitated by President Obama’s upcoming short visit to New Orleans on October 15.

Rosenthal was responding to the question, “What would you say if you had 60 seconds with the President?”

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27 responses to “Levees.org featured on MSNBC with Chris Matthews”

  1. Patty Whalen says:

    Excellent Sandy…boy Chris …did not shake or deter you as he is wont to do..arrogant superficial jerk he is…You handled him perfectly!!
    Go Sandy…Go….I am proud of you..We all are…

  2. catherine says:

    Thank you again Sandy for bringing this to the American Public. Yes, It WAS an Engineering FAILURE !!!!! Not let’s do the right thing, learn from the Dutch in The Netherlands where the people and the country have been protected since the catastrophe in the 1950’s. We Can do it, so let’s get going and get this done now !!!!! Visit http://www.levees.org to stay up to date with the newest information. Our country and our citizens Deserve much better. Thank you Chris for keeping this in the news. We need your help to save our city of New Orleans and to protect our citizens. No one should suffer through this again. Is our country in a serious state of DECLINE? Obviously, if it cannot protect it’s infrastructure, it’s cities and it’s people.The Dutch make it a priority, the USA ignores it all.

  3. go sandy go…. you done good, girl… we need more like you….I disagree violently with the responder who called Chris Mathews bad names… hes one of the brightest, best informed, mos caring individuals on tv these days… yes, he interrupted, making people stick to the point… my husband 93.. and moi… 92… watch him religiously at supper… its feels like it would have been sitting a the Bourbon House with a bunch of savvy friends… discussing the news of the day…not just new orleans… but the whole usa… needs all the help we can give each other… hugs and good wishes… tfr

  4. Congratulation Sandy! You did a great job in a very short time period – to inform the American people about the national engineering failures regarding levees in this country. The system always attempts to cover up its own mistakes and failures, whether it is 9/11 failures or the massive levee failures. Keep up the good work, it is not easy to be interviewed by the bombastic Mr. Matthews….. I have a great Chris Matthews story which I will tell you sometime!

  5. cliff says:

    Feel sorry for all those people in Texas who had to take on these poor homeless refugees and now are looking a soaring murder, robbery, mugging, rape and burglary rates.

  6. decembre says:

    This interviwer is an idiot.
    He’s supposed to help people understand the news but he creates a terror climate that makes it impossible.
    Congratulations to Sandy. She did a great job under an enormous stupid pressure.

  7. Bellatruth says:

    I did not realize that levies are responsible for destroying the ecosystem of wetlands in La.! Thanks for educating me. Reminds me of DAMS which, in the name of hydroelectric ‘power’, destroy rivers and give those upstream the power to determine, even shut off flow to others down stream. One Example is how H20 flow into Iraq is being ‘controlled’ upstream to dry up the Tigress and Euphrates. A dam ‘broke’ at Canyon Lake, Texas, and levy ‘broke’ in NO all in the last few years. Say, isn’t the Army Corp of Engineers in charge of dams and levies, and take their ‘orders’ from the same govt. Bush/Obama monopolize?

  8. Kenny says:

    Great job Sandy,

    Chris to get you fluttered, but it didn’t work. Way to stick with guns. I agree. We should inspect all levies to ensure this won’t happen to another city.

    Good Job

  9. elizabeth allen says:

    Chris Matthews is such a centurist right winger, he believes he actually has all the answers to all the questions. Sandy you did an excellent job in getting the message out, around the “uber arrogant” talking head Matthews.

    Whether its health care or an issue like this,Matthews is on the side of the corporations or in this case, against the city government of New Orleans still suffering after all these years. Thanks to our President for taking the time to change that horrific situation.

  10. Peter M. Lutterbeck, M.D. (ret.) says:

    I visited NO as an 11-yr-old in 1947. The people then were still reeling from massive flooding in 1927 as if was the day before yesterday. They commented that letting the wetland barriers disappear, the next storm will essentially wipe out NO. Cutting the Engineer’s budget allotment year after year guaranteed the demise of the city. Amen.
    Only following what The Netherlands have done and continue to do would solve the problem. But there just ain’t enough money around for such an effort. It would cost a trillion without immediate gain. NO will eventually be claimed by the sea of which there is no doubt. Amen, again.

  11. Rocky says:

    Please. Sandy should have had better answers before going on the air. Matthews questions were reasonable.

  12. pete schnapp says:

    Matthews,….Limbaugh,….Hannity,….You, the Lemmings of the United States of Israel allow those whore-ish talking heads to prosper.
    You continue to buy from those that pay these swine to spew their garbage.
    The “leaders” of Louisianna should secede from the cesspool called the United States and develope their own gas and oil.
    They’d all live a hell of alot better and not have to sit by and smile while being screwed to death.

  13. Christopher-Peter says:

    Listening to the MSNBC TALKING HEAD – MATTHEWS; one might easily assume that he had some special interest in Levee construction, or with the “USACE ” for that matter. Like many other domestic issues, albeit not as immediately deserving, as re-building the lives and homes of the peoples of New Orleans is….New Orleans is not fitting into a top priority position (slot) with OBAMA and his ADMINISTRATION’S agenda, right now; viz, 40,000 more Americans needed (80,000) to sign up for a tour or two, of duty, in Afghanistan…New Orleans will continue to simmer on the back burner. New Orleans will now serve, however, as another perfect pool (no pun intended) for prospective new “STORM TROOPERS” needed for their “WAR on TERRORISM.”
    I guess the “WAR on DRUGS” must be over. Since the COALITION, NATO, UN, LEAGUE of NATIONS, etc, etc, have been there….Afghanistan Poppy cultivation and Opium trade is at an all time HIGH, since at least 2005.
    Having a job, excuse me, “CAREER-ALL YOU CAN BE” in the MILITARY, and or POLICE; is quickly becoming the best place to find financial security…”to put food on your family, and be able to co-exist with the fish.”

  14. Vincent Brunott says:

    Safing banks rather than people, safing banks by robbing people, safing banks rather than cities, mordering people for money, it’s all in the American Dream… Please American Dreamers, wake up!

  15. JanisL says:

    My “issue” for all time with Chris Matthews is that he works for GE, and that GE, aided and abetted by Chris Matthews, via Jack Welch and his trek down to the news desk at 3:00 a.m. on election night 2000 to personally CHANGE who they were reporting as the winner of the presidential race from the ACTUAL winner, Al Gore, to the loser, George Bush! And our nation has been crying ever since! Boycott all things GE, including NBC and Mess NBC! GE, get out of the news business, you have too many billion dollar defense contracts and have a serious conflict of interest! You raped our democracy that night, and the American voters will NEVER let you forget it!

  16. Mark Serati says:

    What makes you think the rebuilt levees that failed were mistakes and errors, and not intentional? Sorry… math is math, and criminals are criminals.

  17. Linda says:

    Katrina and the levee failures and 9/11 were just the tip of the iceberg. Our government and their handlers have a great deal more in store for us. Chris Matthews et al are not safe either.

  18. Harley says:

    President Obama: Please stop the foot-dragging on the levee repairs. People need
    jobs, now. Please increase the effort to
    get the levees to a “high priority status”
    by increasing the workforce and demanding a
    s safer levee system. Please! Raise the bar
    of expectations. Shorten the completion of
    the work. 2012, may be too late.

  19. Richard Daly says:

    Every now and then i need to watch a short clip of Mathews so that i’m reminded of why i never watch his show.

    Thanks, this clip just reinforced dislike

  20. Richard Daly says:

    Sorry…..my dislike

  21. Harley M says:

    Someone on this post said Chris Matthews is a right-winger. I’m sure that was a typo..He is about as right wing as my Drill Instructor in the Marine Corps was…

  22. Lysa says:

    I live in Des Moines, IA and the same Army Corps of Engineer incompetence caused the largest natural disaster in Iowa history: a one hundred year flood in 1993. Therefore, when news started leaking about cracks in levees in New Orleans after Katrina, I was not surprised at the outcome. Further, a full year prior to this storm National Geographic did a story in which they predicted exactly this outcome in the Big Easy should a hurricane hit. Keep pushing, Sandy, lest this same thing happen to OTHER communities as well as your own.

  23. Sam Campbell says:

    Chris Matthews can’t see the forest for the trees. He gushed about Obama when he was campaigning for president. For Chris, Sandy, you are the enemy of HIS President. He was trying to rattle you so that he could show you as a “right-wing-nutcase”. You kept your cool, and persevered through his crap. Good Job Sandy!

  24. Shardwell S says:

    This Matthews’ intentions may be good, but his militant ignorance (refusing to see the difference between levees as protection of navigation and levees as protection of inhabited spaces) is unforgiveable. He needed to do his homework. He clearly didn’t, and as a result he fell right into the program – dumbing down the media, draining the profession of journalism of any semblance of integrity, programming the masses. The result is that whether he’s a “right-winger” or not is totally beside the point.
    Sandy’s work was excellent – she had enough “sound bites” and used them well, but she also has the information and conviction to back them up. Now if only she didn’t have to deal with a simulacrum of a journalist.

  25. Susan Riffel says:

    Seriously, it is rediculous that our president spends money bailing out corporations, but can’t “write a check” to help repair and reform a hospital in New Orleans???? And if we are the greatest Nation in the world, why can’t we hire the right people who actually KNOW how to build the right kind of Levee! American citizens deserve the BEST kind of protection. Let us listen to the Dutch and build something that will last forever.

  26. Ronald C. Treadway, Sr. says:

    Sandy you did great on MSNBC. An independent investigation and study of levee failure. No political ties to this investigation should be allowed. I had a comment on my blog from an engineer with 25 years experience. This is only one part of the story. The political ties to the oil companies and levee boards should also be part of this investigation. President Obama if you don’t take direct action in this case you will not receive my vote in 2012 and that is a promise.

  27. cl barton says:

    I would like to know where we stand on the idea of opening up the levee system farther downriver of New Orleans to create small spillways in rural, underpopulated areas so as to replenish the wetlands naturally in order to protect the fast eroding coastline and at the same time, reduce the demands on our metropolitan levees? And would someone also care to comment on Rep. Cao’s recent brochure assertion that he “secrued over $139 M in HR 3183 for the ac of Eng for navigation rojecs, levee construction, coastal area ecosystem restoration and storm protection. Any idea of where that went (what were the results from this funding)? Did anyone supervised this funding effort and make sure that it got where is was supposed to go?

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