Levees.org launches “Stop Katrina Shorthand” campaign

photo(2)Levees.org has just launched its latest salvo to squash myths about the metro New Orleans flooding.

The Stop Katrina Shorthand campaign is urging everyone in metro New Orleans to refrain from labeling the devastating flooding on August 2005 as caused by “Katrina.”

Katrina Shorthand promotes misunderstanding and leads American citizens to believe the New Orleans region was simply overwhelmed by a natural disaster, when in fact, the flooding was primarily a man-made event.

As a springboard for the new campaign, Levees.org is spotlighting a resolution unanimously passed by the New Orleans City Council urging all local media to refrain from using Katrina Shorthand.

The resolution, written by Levees.org, was sponsored by President Arnie Fielkow and co-sponsored by Councilwoman Cynthia Willard-Lewis District E.

Click the link below for a short video about the new campaign.

4 responses to “Levees.org launches “Stop Katrina Shorthand” campaign”

  1. Kerri Ermon says:

    Hurricane Katrina was a category 3 storm when it hit land but had category 5 storm surges. The levees in New Orleans and surrounding areas were designed to withstand category 3 storm surge. The Army Corp of Engineers were trying to get funding to build cat.5 protection levees way before Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi and were denied again and again. I think that this website is a joke. You should research things before you jump on the bandwagon. I just have to beleive that most of you are simple minded. I hope that none of you are apart of my generation.

  2. S. Rosenthal says:

    Dear Ms. Kerri,

    The floodwalls in Lakeview failed 3 feet below their design specifications. Further, there is no evidence that your Army Corps was trying to get funding for Cat 5 protection levees. And finally, to call us “simple minded” is ad hominem. It is what folks do when they have run out of talking points. They go after the person.

    Sandy Rosenthal, founder of Levees.org

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