Ivor van Heerden announces suit against LSU

John Barry, Sandy Rosenthal and Harry Shearer at Ivor van Heerden's press conference Feb 10, 2010

This morning, attorneys for Ivor van Heerden filed suit in the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge against Louisiana State University for firing him in retaliation for his repeated criticisms of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The announcement came at the Westin Canal Place in New Orleans. There were many speakers and supporters in the room including John Barry, Oliver Houck, Harry Shearer, Marc Levitan, Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika, and Jed Horne. What they contributed to Ivor’s story ranged from amazing to eye popping to tear jerking.

I hired a video grapher who filmed the entire event, and soon will be releasing their stories, too.

But for now, the important thing is Ivor van Heerden had the courage to represent many others who were intimidated into silence with the threat of losing their jobs or worse. Thank you Ivor van Heerden for doing what is right and at enormous personal expense.

Click here to see and /or download a copy of the lawsuit.

3 responses to “Ivor van Heerden announces suit against LSU”

  1. Donna Bailey says:

    I need to know how I can add my voice to the travesty on Dr. Van Heerden being fired!. I’ve never seen a more passionate and dedicated advocate for fixing the problem of insufficient hurricane protection along the Gulf Coast.
    I suggest contacting Spike Lee, who interviewed the Dr. for his documentary. Let’s see if Hollywood can put some muscle behind this protest!!!!
    My daughter is a student at LOYNO, and I’ve long been a fan of the Dr’s., ever since we evacuated from Katrina’s path while at orientation for mu daughter’s college entrance. I live in Cleveland,Ohio
    but pay close attention to issues in NOLA.

  2. S. Rosenthal says:

    Dear Ms. Bailey,

    Last April we held a rally and created a petition and collected thousands of signatures in support of Dr van Heerden. Right now the best thing you can do is join our mailing list. We will be routinely sending alerts as information is revealed during the course of this important lawsuit.

  3. Joyce Byers says:

    Since before 1986, I have TRIED to be an informant! I warned everyone within distance of my voice, including the FBI in New Orleans) that the Industrial Canal (and many other Levee sections) had been built with substandard materials and shoddy workmanship. I warned that the Levee in N.O. & on down the Gulf Coast was going to collapse because of the greed & corruption! Contracts were bought & sold. The CORE accepted bribes. Construction co’s paid with kickbacks. Politicians & officials got payoffs. I submitted evidence to Assistant US Attorney Curtis Collier. NOBODY had to die during a category 1 hurricane called Katrina! They could have been warned & saved from destruction. I have suffered severe consequences due to my actions. Yet NOBODY has been investigated that I named as conspirators in the destruction of the Levee. One more time, might I suggest that somebody question L Palmisano, T Demuye, and JW Fisher of the LB Foster Equipment Company (then on Marquette) about their knowledge & involvement in corrupt schemes for which they got payoffs. I went to Atty Jacqueline Carr who set up an appt between myself & the FBI. My atty Pat Hedges (her husband had connections to Levee Board) said SHUT UP or lose my kids! Judge France Watts put me under a gag order to shut me up. Just ask Atty Tom Gray about all this stuff & see if he lies to cover his shame of not acting appropriately to save thousands of lives? OMG, the guilt and shame that abounds there within local contractors, officials, and the Corps of Engineers! As for me, I hold the FBI and officials mainly responsible for the death, suffering, and destruction of New Orleans. All the corruption could have been STOPPED way back in the 80’s when I submitted evidence and WARNED of the impending catastrophe! Now the Levee is still riddled with weak sections like a termite infested wooden structure – just waiting for a REAL category 4 hurricane. OMG what horror awaits! Find the people who know about the weak levee sections to ASK QUESTIONS! I only named a few, but there are many many more who have info that could save thousands and thousands of lives in the future! I am sick to hear all the defenses put up for or by the Corps of Engineers! They massacred New Orleans and murdered children. Yes I sound outraged and justifiably so!

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