Everybody’s talking about Levees.org’s most recent interview

Greater New Orleans Anchor Tom Bagwill interviews Levees.org founder Sandy Rosenthal

Everyone is talking my responses in a recent TV interview by Greater New Orleans Anchor Tom Bagwill.

Yesterday, someone who I’ve never met approached me, and after raving about the show told me, “It explained so many things I didn’t know before!”

So our advisors urged us to bring the short interview to the attention of all the supporters. It’s a great recap of what Levees.org has accomplished and what remains to be done.

OTHER NEWS: Last week, the founder of Levees.org was also invited to record a fundraising message for WWNO Radio, the local NPR affiliate station in New Orleans.

These two invitations, one from the producers of WWNO and one from the Greater New Orleans show are evidence that the ongoing efforts of Levees.org supporters is paying off.

Click here for the Tom Bagwill interview.

One response to “Everybody’s talking about Levees.org’s most recent interview”

  1. Editilla says:

    Yay! Go Levees.org!
    Thanks for sticking it, Sandy.

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